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Skopje, a city in the Balkan region of Europe, is a destination you probably won’t know much about! When travelling with TWTB that is all part of the fun.

Situated between Greece and Serbia, we feel like Skopje has some characteristics of both countries & cultures but more towards Serbia.

Skopje nightlife features breweries, traditional food, cheap drinks and the people here definitely love to party.

The city and its surroundings become more and more alive in the warmer months. There is also the option to make an excursion to the lake region not far away from the capital, where you can have some crazy nights out in summer.

Just ask us, and we will organise everything for you. We feel like Skopje is perfect for bigger groups, rather than small ones! The selection of bars and club isn’t as high as in other cities, but the ones we found, are very good fun!


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