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Krakow is TWTB’s second destination in Poland & we love it here! Great food, cheap drinks, pretty girls and a pumping nightlife awaits you. The difference between Warsaw and Krakow, is mostly Krakow has a more traditional old town look and feel with no distinct corporate buildings or business districts. Krakow is beautifully centred by its main square surrounded by plenty of bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs.

The location of the town square & its surrounding make it very convenient for groups as you can walk almost everywhere in Krakow. That makes it super easy to get around and entertain yourself.

Shot bars, live music pubs and crazy nightclubs are located all over town. If you love eating meat dishes and other traditional Polish foods, in Krakow you will be in heaven.

We give Krakow a 5 star rating and you will not regret spending a weekend here!


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