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Kiev - what a place!

Thoughts such as old, unsafe or war-torn are a thing of the past. Kiev is amazing!

Kiev is by far the cheapest capital in Europe to eat out and party! Prague, Budapest? Maybe 10 years ago. Kiev is now the ultimate destination to spend a weekend in Eastern Europe!

Buy a steak for 5 EUR. A Beer is less than 1 EUR and a bottle of vodka at the bar is 10 EUR! Meet some of Europe's most beautiful girls who are also very friendly and outgoing.

The nightlife is pumping - you will find everything from student pubs and clubs, to fancy and high-class nightclubs. Kiev offers everything you look for on a weekend with the boys!

You might be curious about the difference in culture here in the Far East compared to back home. But as long as you respect the country and its people and listen to our advice, you will have no problems!


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