Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can you trust the currency exchange centres in Odessa?
A: Each exchange kiosk displays an accurate exchange rate & the currency exchange points are really honest.
Q: Where can you wash your laundry in Odessa?
A: We advise you to book apartments rather than hotels - much better value for money. You will also have a washing machine in each apartment and can do your laundry.
Q: Are there any good shopping malls in Odessa?
A: There are a few malls. The best shopping is in the main street in the old town. You will also find a lot of good restaurants in the same area including one of Ukraine’s best steak houses.
Q: Where to eat Ukrainian food in Odessa?
A: Food in Odessa is something you will enjoy. There are numerous good restaurants around the Arcadia area, but also in the city centre and its old town. Our guides will advise you where to go, depending on what you feel like eating.
Q: Is Odessa dangerous?
A: No, it is a very touristy city and you can feel safe. Obviously there can be people who try to scam you occasionally. We but haven´t experienced it personally. Just make sure you agree on taxi prices before you get into the cab, don’t go alone at night in unknown parts of the city. But this goes for any other big city in Europe as well.
Frequently Asked Questions

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