Minsk offers a completely different travel experience where you dive into another world. Different culture, architecture and people, but that is what makes Minsk so interesting. Apart from that, it is a great city to drink, party and meet the most beautiful ladies. If you want to add something truly unique to your travel list, check it out. And remember – it is really safe in Minsk!

General prices in Minsk

Prices are very cheap compared to European standards. Prices are cheaper than in Poland and of course it depends what kind of places you go to. If you go out for a meal you can expect to pay 70% less than what you expect to pay in cental Europe.

A few tips for those who are going to the capital of Belarus:

The best tip that can be given, is to book with Travel with the Boys. We know the place and we know what you guys are looking for. We make sure you avoid being scammed and that you won’t miss out on the best places to go. Everything will be organised for you and no matter what kind of weekend your group is looking for, we arrange it for you. Get in touch boys!

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