Is Warsaw Dangerous?

Warsaw is not dangerous. Not more than any other big city. Avoid bad areas, and you will be fine. We have never had any even slightly bad experience regarding personal safety in Warsaw. The areas of the city that are interesting for you guys, are completely fine. Taxi and Uber in Poland are also legit. Just be careful with the price in some taxis, but we will hook you up with the right company that won’t scam you.

Prices in Warsaw

It is hard to give exact numbers here as it always depends on what kinds of restaurants, bars or clubs you like to hang out. But in general, prices are on average half of what they are in central Europe for food and drinks. You can have shots in student bars for as little as 1 EUR. We can also arrange for you a VIP reservation in one of the fancier clubs with bottle service, for prices that are still decent.

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