Warsaw feels like the portal between the east and west. Where the different cultures and lifestyle combine. It is a great place for a weekend with the guys. It is affordable, the food is awesome, the city is safe and you will be very impressed with the female population compared to your own city. Unless you live in another eastern European city like Kiev or so, then it is open for discussion! Warsaw is for those who want to travel east, but don’t want to go too exotic. The feel of the city centre is very modern, and you won’t have a hard time feeling comfortable. Party until dawn!

General prices in Warsaw

It is hard to give exact numbers here as it always depends on what kinds of restaurants, bars or clubs you like to hang out. But in general, prices are on average half of what they are in central Europe for food and drinks. You can have shots in student bars for as little as 1 EUR. We can also arrange for you a VIP reservation in one of the fancier clubs with bottle service, for prices that are still decent.

A few tips for those who are going to the capital of Poland:

The best tip that can be given, is to book with Travel with the Boys. We know the place and we know what you guys are looking for. We make sure you avoid being scammed and that you won’t miss out on the best places to go. Everything will be organised for you and no matter what kind of weekend your group is looking for, we arrange it for you. Get in touch boys!

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