Is Kiev Dangerous?

Overall NO - not more than any other big city. No one in Kiev talks about the war with Russia from a few years ago anymore, and we have never been in an uncomfortable situation ourselves. The economic situation in Ukraine is below average compared to European standards. The average income for working class people is 150 - 250 EUR a month. So, as a foreigner you are indeed "wealthy to them". And yes, that means it will be very easy for you guys to have a lot of fun for a small amount of money. But please, do not disrespect the locals by showing off how much you have, or make them feel less. Although the country in general is poor, you really won't be able to tell by the way the city looks. At least in the city centre. When you go to the outer suburbs and drive in from the airport, you will see many big apartment blocks that you might consider a bit run down. But walking around in the centre, everything looks nice and clean. There are plenty of shops, shopping centres, bars and restaurants. The quality of cafes and bars in the city centre is really high. Great food, drinks, service and prices. You may have read in online forums that you should be careful about pick pocketing. Like in every big city this can happen but we have never had this experience.

Prices in Kiev

The prices in Kiev at times can seem ridiculous. There is no other place in Europe or close to Europe, where you are able to get drunk or party for so little money. There are a lot of rich people in Kiev, and therefore also a lot of fancy bars and clubs. But even there, the prices are still reasonable. The only thing that is as expensive as in central Europe is the shopping with items such as clothing, watches & perfumes etc. But, if you go to mostly student bars, prices are super cheap. For example Palata Nr 6, our favourite place to kick off the night (more in the nightlife section). You can get chicken fillet with side dishes for 2 EUR, a variety of steaks (mixed grill) with potatoes and vegetables for 4 EUR. Bottles of vodka start from 4 EUR for a local Ukrainian vodka & imported bottles like Finlandia cost around 20 EUR. Local draft beers don't even come close to 1 EUR. 5cl vodka shots from 0,6 EUR. Guys, if you don't want to spend a lot, you really don't have to in Kiev. If you go to the standard clubs, cocktails or vodka mixed drinks will cost you from 2 - 4 EUR maximum.

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