General prices in Kiev

  • Borsch: 40 - 100 uah (2 - 4 EUR)
  • Beer: 20 - 45 uah (1 - 2 EUR)
  • Vodka 50 ml: 20 - 100 uah (1 - 4 EUR)
  • Bottle of Vodka: 230 uah (9 EUR
  • Coffee: 20 - 45 uah (1 - 2 EUR)


Ukraine is the cheapest country in Europe & accordingly Kiev is the cheapest European capital city. The subway costs only 4 uah, and for a meal it's unusual to pay more than $ 5. Taxis around the city cost no more than $ 3, and the driver is unlikely to fool the foreign tourist.

Lively night life

At night Kiev becomes truly impressive. The parties begin around midnight and last until the next day. There is a huge selection of pubs, bars, chic lounges and crazy nightclubs. Beer and vodka can be purchased for $1 - 2 and people are so friendly.

Open people

Ukrainians are practical and sincere people, they are much friendlier than residents of neighbouring countries.


Having climbed to the top of Motherland, which is 102 meters, this will be the best city view of Kiev. The statue is very impressive and covers the panorama of the whole city. Not many people decide to climb to the very top, and to do this, you will need a personal guide. Only 15 minutes to climb up and you will feel like the master of the world!

Underground trading

Wherever you need to cross the street, you will stumble upon trading of all sorts of things in the underground passages! There you will find everything from food, electronic books, equipment, books, etc.


Kiev is incredibly clean. Ukrainians care about the hygiene and cleanliness of their homes and do not throw garbage on the streets and take care of supporting the order around the city.

Old and new

Travelers are often pleasantly surprised at how the old and new style of architecture are combined in Kiev.

A few tips for those who are going to the capital of Ukraine:

  • Be aware that not everywhere in the city is well equipped with signs for tourists and in most cases written in Ukrainian or Russian.
  • Do not try to call a Ukrainian a Russian. And do not confuse Ukraine with Russia. Just never do it. Never.
  • Learn the most common basic phrases in Ukrainian or Russian.
  • Change dollars and euros at the currency exchange kiosks. This is much more profitable than withdrawing money from an ATM.
  • Stay in the city centre, there are quite a lot of cheap hotels and hostels.

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